Tree Tunnel - Highway 1, CA

This is from our last trip up north on Highway 1 in February 2013. I had seen pictures of this tree tunnel online but couldn't find any information on the exact location. So as we drove up, I was on the constant lookout for this tunnel. We came across few different tree tunnels but this was the best of them all. It is located just north of MacKerricher State Park, Fort Bragg.

Vancouver Downtown - Vancouver, BC

Here is another picture taken during a recent trip to Seattle / Vancouver for a friend's wedding. This is a night shot of Vancouver downtown with TELUS World of Science in the foreground to the right, BC Place stadium in the middle and some canoes docked on the left.

Vancouver Downtown, Vancouver, BC -- by Harpreet Grewal

Civilization & Nature - Seattle, WA

Here is another photograph of the Seattle area landscape. It was taken from the Space Needle observation deck looking east. In the foreground you can see Capitol Hill district which is the most densely populated residential district in Seattle. The tall buildings at distance is the city of Bellevue with the Cascade mountain range in the backdrop.

Civilization and Nature, Seattle, WA -- by Harpreet Grewal

Pigeon Point Sunset - Pescadero, CA

This lighthouse is located approximately 50 miles south of San Francisco and is visible from highway 1.

Pigeon Point Sunset, Pescadero, CA -- by Harpreet Grewal

Sunset at Glass Beach - Fort Bragg, CA

Glass Beach is a beach in MacKerricher State Park near Fort Bragg, California that is abundant in sea glass created from years of dumping garbage into an area of coastline near the northern part of the town. (wikipedia)

We climbed down the cliff to the glass beach and over the rock formations to get to this spot, which was about 100 feet from the beach. My cover photo, taken by my wife, gives you behind the scenes look at me setting up to take this shot.

Sunset at Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, CA -- By Harpreet Grewal

Space Needle & Mt. Rainier - Seattle, WA

Perspective and composition are the 2 most important aspects of a photograph, this is particularly true for this picture of Seattle downtown with Mt. Rainier in the backdrop. For comparison, Space Needle stands about 604 feet tall and Mt. Rainier is 14409 feet high and is about 60-70 miles from Seattle by air. This picture was taken from Kerry park which is a small park north of Seattle downtown and is a famous tourist spot because of the view.

Space Needle and Mt. Rainier, Seattle, WA -- by Harpreet Grewal

Seattle at Dusk - Seattle, WA

Here is a picture of Seattle downtown taken at dusk from the Space Needle observation deck.

Seattle at Dusk, Seattle, WA -- by Harpreet Grewal

Space Needle - Seattle, WA

Here is a closeup of the Space Needle under cloudy skies.

Space Needle, Seattle, WA -- by Harpreet Grewal

Cloudy Sunset - Seattle, WA

Seattle's landscape is pretty unique where you can see from sea level to snow covered mountain peaks, and everything in between, from the same spot. This picture was taken on a cloudy day during sunset looking west from Space Needle.

Cloudy Sunset, Seattle, WA -- by Harpreet Grewal

Golden Sunrise - Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA

This is one picture that does not need any introduction or explanation. Enjoy the photo and feel free to hit the share button to share it with your friends and family.