Beached Boat - Inverness, CA

Inverness is a small community in Marin County located on the southwest shore of Tomales Bay. As such, there is not a whole lot to see here other than a old beached fishing boat. Most people pass through this small town on their way to Point Reyes lighthouse, never stopping to take a closer look at this boat as there are no signs on the road. I also missed this last time I went to Point Reyes lighthouse couple years back. So this time when we made plans to drive up north of San Francisco on Highway 1, I made sure to locate this on Google maps. The boat is located directly behind the grocery store and there is a nice picnic area and a small trail that runs along the shore and out to the south side of a small creek which leads you to this boat. Searching for "Point Reyes Shipwrecks" on Google maps will give you the exact location.

While doing some research, I came across couple different stories about the boat. One of them is from Sandra Rocca Racine who says that this boat belonged to her father Merrel S. Rocca Sr. who built it in 1951. He was a commercial fisherman and use to fish in this boat. Another is from a Inverness local who said the boat is owned by Andrew Romanoff, the grand nephew of Nicolas II, the last Tsar of Russia, interesting indeed. You can read the rest of this story at

Anyhow, hope I didn't bore you with the small tidbit. Enjoy the photo and feel free to hit the share button to share it with your friends and family.


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